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Command Information#

Description: Command to view the premium status about an user
Subcommands: redeem, remove, transfer, patreon


There are currently two premium tiers which can be bought through patreon.
More information about the tiers can be found on the tiers page.



To redeem your premium in a server you must be the owner of that server and your Discord account must be linked with your Patreon account. Learn more here.

You can redeem your premium for the server by running the premium redeem command.
This will automatically enable all premium features you have in that server.


You can remove your premium from the server by running the premium remove command.


You can transfer your premium to another user by using the premium transfer command.

!premium transfer DiscordId

To take back your transferred premium, just use the premium transfer command again without placing a DiscordId


To check if your Discord account is connected with a Patreon account, use premium patreon.