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The Bind-Oriented Roblox-Discord Verification Bot

Simple to Use

RoWifi offers the most basic and amazing simple to use set up, this includes three offered binds, groupbinds, rankbinds & custombinds!

Focus on What Matters

You can focus on managing your group. RoWifi will take care of your server role management.

Powered by Rust

RoWifi harnesses the power from Rust to ensure a smooth and seamless experience.

Incredible Support Team

Our SUPPORT TEAM is always there for your daily needs and concerns, they strive to help and bring efficient support on a daily basis! You may find us on our discord support server for more information.

Highly Customizable

RoWifi allows you to create endless possibilities such as multiple group and rank binds, and most importantly, you can use custombinds that provides more customizing power to you!

Unique Blacklist System

RoWifi doesn't just only offer simple basic features, but a BLACKLIST SYSTEM! The system itself allows you to blacklist any group or user of your own desires, we allow you define your own blacklists to assure that you have nothing but the best control over it!