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Command Information#

Description: Command to view the rankbinds of your server
Subcommands: new, delete, modify, view
Aliases: rb


Run the rankbinds command to see your current rankbinds.


GroupID: Required

IDID of the Group, can be found in the groups link.5581309

RankID: Required

IDOne Rank ID30
Multiple Rank IDsMultiple, Min - Max1 - 30

Template: Required

Read more about template here

Priority: Optional

NumberPriority is the number which decides the nickname (template) if you have multiple binds pertaining to you1

Role(s): Optional

RoleDiscord Role(s)@Role
autoAutomatically creates the role for the rankbinds based on the rank nameauto

Creating Rankbinds#

You can create rankbinds by running rankbinds new command.

!rankbinds new GroupID RankID Template Priority Role(s)

Creating Rankbinds Example#

!rankbinds new 5581309 1 {roblox-username} 1 @Role1 @Role2

Deleting Rankbinds#


You can also delete all your binds by running the setup command again.

You can delete a rankbind(s) by using the rankbinds delete command.

!rankbinds delete GroupID RankID(s)

Deleting Rankbinds Example#

!rankbinds delete 5581309