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This option is only used for the following binds: rankbinds, groupbinds, custombinds, and assetbinds

Prefix, back then, was just a supplement before a user's Roblox username (e.g [E1] Loworld). Template was, then, made to replace prefix.

Template, in simple terms, is just complex prefix. It, still, accepts the old method of prefixing (e.g [E]) and converts it into a template ([E] {roblox-username}). This feature allows us to add an affix, or quite literally anything, to a user's Roblox username, Roblox ID, Discord ID, and their Discord username.

In order to make an template, you must use a pre-configured keywords.

roblox-usernameAn user's Roblox name{roblox-username}
roblox-idAn user's Roblox ID{roblox-id}
discord-idAn user's Discord ID{discord-id}
discord-nameAn user's Discord username{discord-name}
display-nameAn user's display name on Roblox{display-name}

Special Cases#

In the commands rankbinds new, groupbinds new, custombinds new, assetbinds new, the bot will automatically expand if you only enter a prefix. Secondly, if you put N/A as the template, it will be expanded to {roblox-username}. Similarly, if you put disable, it will be expanded as the {discord-name}.

In the command rankbinds new, if you enter auto as the template and your ranks in your Roblox group contain [], the bot will automatically extract it (say it was [E]) and enter the template as [E] {roblox-username}. In the event there is no [], the bot will enter the template as {roblox-username}