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Custom Binds

Command Information#

Description: Command to view the custom binds
Subcommands: new, delete, modify
Aliases: cb


Run custombinds to see your current custombinds.


Operators: Optional

>, >=, <, <=, ==, !=
and, not, or

Functions: Required

HasRank(GroupID, RankID)Checks if the user has a specific rank in a groupHasRank(5581309, 10)
IsInGroup(GroupID)Checks if the user is in the provided groupIsInGroup(5581309)
HasRole(RoleID)Checks if the user has a role in the serverHasRole(12345678987654321)
WithString("String")Checks for StringWithString("INtel")
GetRank(GroupID)Returns the rank number of the user in the groupGetRank(5581309)


You can ping the role or place the name of the role at the end of every custombinds new command

Creating Custombinds#

You can create a custombind by using the custombinds new command. The bot will ask for the remaining fields (i.e. template, priority, Discord Roles) in further prompts.

!custombinds new Code

Creating Custombinds Example#

!custombinds new IsInGroup(5581309) and not (GetRank(5581309) == 1 or WithString("Intel"))

Removing Custombinds#

You can remove a custombind(s) by using the custombinds delete command.

!custombinds delete BindID

Removing Custombinds Example#

!custombinds delete 1