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Custom Blacklists

Command Information#

Description: Command to add a custom blacklist
Subcommands: custom, delete
Aliases: bl


Run blacklists to see your current blacklists.


Please check the custombinds arguments page.

Creating Custom Blacklists#

You can create a custom blacklist by using the blacklists custom command.
After running that you'll need to provide a reason for the blacklist.

!blacklists custom HasRank(123456, 10) and IsInGroup(654321) or not HasRole(676095513514213376) or WithString("Omega")

Creating Custom Blacklists Example#

Creating Custom Blacklists Image

Removing Custom Blacklists#

You can remove a custom blacklist by using the !blacklists delete command.

!blacklists delete Code

Removing Custom Blacklists Example#

Removing Custom Blacklists Image