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Latest Release#

Version 3.1.1 - 07/24/2021
  • Added a confirmation prompt to !reset
  • Added the disabled field to event types
  • Added commands event type disable and event type enable
  • Added the command event reset
  • Added the command event summary
  • Add support for slash commands for all commands

Version 3.1.0#

Date Released - 07/24/2021
  • Add support for buttons and select menus
  • Remove setup command
  • Add the verification role to unverified users if update-on-join is on
  • Add bind command
  • Add reset command
  • Modify update-all and update-role to generate an audit log
  • Add support for custom log channels
  • Add support for custom RoWifi Admin roles (Premium Only)
  • Add support for custom RoWifi Bypass roles (Premium Only)
  • Add support for custom RoWifi Trainer roles (Premium Only)
  • Add support for custom RoWifi Nickname Bypass roles (Premium Only)
  • Add settings functional command

Version 3.0.2#

Date Released - 06/18/2021
  • Fixes a permission bug on the event new command

Version 3.0.1#

Date Released - 05/22/2021
  • analytics view can take in additional rank id argument

Version 3.0.0#

Date Released - 05/02/2021
  • Complete switch to Rust
  • New framework to support slash commands
  • analytics view now accepts a duration argument (e.g. 6m for 6 months)
  • Removed code verification
  • Remove the update-on-verify setting
  • Improvements on internal tooling
  • Added template field to all binds
    • rankbinds/groupbinds/custombinds/assetbinds new takes template instead of prefix
    • Added rankbinds/groupbinds/custombinds/assetbinds modify template
  • Add priority field to groupbinds and assetbinds
    • groupbinds/assetbinds new takes in priority as an additional argument
    • Added groupbinds/assetbinds modify priority
  • Added support for having multiple Roblox accounts linked to your Discord account
    • Removed reverify
    • Added verify add to link an additional Roblox account
    • Added verify switch to switch your Roblox account for a particular server
    • Added verify default to set your default account
    • Added verify view to view all your linked accounts
    • Added verify delete to unlink a non-default account
  • Added API keys for servers
  • Bug fixes here and there, prompt cleanups yada yada

Version 2.7.2#

Date Released - 12/24/2020
  • Internal balancing
  • Small fix on the mention prefix

Version 2.7.1#

Date Released - 11/30/2020
  • Update dependencies
  • Remove cached user in game reverification
  • Make sure binds get sorted while being viewed

Version 2.7.0#

Date Released - 11/18/2020
  • Add Events Module
  • Add events, event types command modules
  • Add event new command to log events
  • Add event type new & event type modify to configure event types
  • Add event view event host event attendee commands to view events

Version 2.6.1#

Date Released - 11/06/2020
  • Add back activity status displayed clusterwise
  • Premium info updated to include analytics
  • blacklists has been aliased as blacklist

Version 2.6.0#

Date Released - 10/31/2020
  • Added analytics module
  • analytics register GroupId to tell the bot to start collecting membercount data of this group
  • analytics unregister GroupId to tell the bot to stop collecting membercount data of this group
  • analytics view GroupId to produce a graph of your group's membercount
  • Rankbinds & custombinds once against support special fonts & emotes (essentially all unicode character if you know what that means)

Version 2.5.0#

Date Released - 10/18/2020
  • Switched codebase to Rust
  • Prints Prefix on bot mentions
  • New Functions on Custombinds
    • Get Rank
  • New Operators on Custombinds
    • >, >=, <, <=, ==
  • Above two for custom blacklists
  • Premium Transfer
  • Performance Optimizations
  • Attempt at improving command error intuitiveness
  • rankbinds delete allows for multiple rank ids
  • groupbinds delete allows for multiple group ids
  • custombinds delete allows for multiple bind ids
  • assetbinds delete allows for multiple asset ids
  • settings commands is now aliased as command, commands-channel
  • settings commands, settings update-on-join, settings update-on-verify also accepts enable, disable along with the existing on, off
  • update-all & update-role share the same cooldown
  • Blacklist addition commands take in a mandatory reason now
  • Removed rankbinds create

Version 2.4.5#

Version Date Released - 09/14/2020
  • Fixes on the Update-all cooldown (was supposed to be 3 times per 12 hours)

Version 2.4.4#

Date Released - 08/27/2020
  • Attempted Permission Fix on Bind Viewing
  • Disabled DM messaging during Auto Detection

Version 2.4.3#

Date Released - 08/19/2020
  • Change Update All ratelimits to 3 per 12 hours

Version 2.4.2#

Version Info
  • Readded welcome message when bot gets added
  • Fix verification timeout
  • Permission fix on settings
  • Change the blacklisted message given out on update

Version 2.4.1#

Version Info
  • Reflect custombinds on premium commands
  • Add Assetbinds to Backups
  • Add Assetbinds to Settings
  • Add Custombinds to Settings
  • Optimize Custombinds

Version 2.4.0#

Version Info
  • Add Assetbinds (Assets, Badges, Gamepasses)
  • Publicly release custombinds
  • Fixes on user position check

Version 2.3.2#

Version Info
  • Fix reduplicating of backups
  • Add !update-role @Role
  • Implement !backups
  • Missing permission check on bind viewing
  • Preemptive user role position check
  • Preemptive @everyone check in binding
  • Optimize updating

Version 2.3.1#

Version Info
  • Add premium info to userinfo
  • Fix Mention Prefix
  • Attempted Rebalancing of Roblox Requests

Version 2.3.0#

Version Info
  • Fixed permissions for viewing binds
  • Added Game Verification Option
  • Added 6 hrs cache to Roblox Usernames

Version 2.2.1#

Version Info
  • Added premium command
  • rankbinds modify will direct to help
  • Fixed the settings prefix command
  • update command optimizations
  • HasRank function improvements
  • Doing help on an unknown command will no longer error
  • User cache improvements
  • Fixed the help command for rankbinds new

Version 2.2.0#

Version Info
  • Code Refactor
  • Fixes: Help Command
  • Added Website to Support
  • Typos at ton of places
  • Fixes: Custom Binds

Version 2.1.1#

Version Info
  • Fixes: Help Command, Bad Command Parsing
  • Added Permission Checks to rankbinds new
  • Fixes: Response cancellation
  • Added Command: botinfo

Version 2.1.0#

Version Info
  • Removed rankbinds multiple
  • Removed rankbinds auto
  • rankbinds new now accepts a Rank Range in the format of MinRank-MaxRank
  • rankbinds new now accepts a Prefix parameter of auto to automatically pick the prefix
  • rankbinds new now accepts a Roles parameter of auto to automatically create the role if necessary and bind it
  • rankbinds new with a Rank Range will modify existing binds as well
  • rankbinds new now accepts a Prefix parameter of disable to do nothing to the user's nickname
  • Add Functional Role RoWifi Nickname Bypass
  • Reworked settings
  • Added command serverinfo

Version 2.0.9#

Version Info
  • Fixes: Backup

Version 2.0.8#

Version Info
  • All Binds & Blacklists: delete now is aliased as remove
  • Add Setting: Update On Join
  • Add Command Check: Embed Links
  • Add Setting: Update On Verify
  • Rework: Patreon API

Version 2.0.7#

Version Info
  • Add Setting: Blacklist Action
  • Change Signature of Channel Disabling
  • Add Command: Set Blacklist Action

Version 2.0.6#

Version Info
  • Added Feature: Attempt to DM users if on the server blacklist

Version 2.0.5#

Version Info
  • Fixes: Blacklists Custom, Disabled Channels Removal

Version 2.0.4#

Version Info
  • Fixes: Blacklists, Disabled Channels, Metrics

Version 2.0.3#

Version Info
  • Fixes: Update, Settings, Premium

Version 2.0.2#

Version Info
  • Fixes: Blacklist Removal, Premium Redeem

Version 2.0.1#

Version Info
  • Fixes: Setup, Update, DIsabled Channels

Version 2.0.0#

Version Info
  • Blacklists now have 3 types:
    • Name: Based on the Roblox Username
    • Group: Based on the Roblox Group Id
    • Custom: Based on the same functions as that of custom binds
  • New functions for custom binds:
    • HasRole: Simply checks if the person has a discord role. I have absolutely no idea why I added it
    • WithString: Checks if their roblox username has contains the keyword mentioned as a parameter of this function
  • All commands now create a log in the logs channel
  • Ability to change the bots prefix
  • Added the modify module to groupbinds
  • Added the modify module to custombinds

Version 1.9#

Version Info
  • Premium
    • Introduced Beta Tier
    • Automation for Patrons
    • Moved Backups to Beta Tier
    • Added Premium redeem command
    • Added Custom Binds
      • Introduced 'HasRank' function
      • Introduced 'not' function
      • Introduced 'IsInGroup' function
  • Added blacklist feature