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What is RoWifi?


Founder @ RoWifi

Hey everyone, it's me with my first blog post (the welcome post doesn't really count). Today, I'll be giving all of you an overview about RoWifi & its features. Let's just get started.


RoWifi was made publicly available in June 2019 with very few features compared to the huge amount of features we have right now. Initally, it was known as tensor_core and was a private bot custom made for a certain group.

Intro (dramatic, I know)#

RoWifi is a bind oriented Roblox-Discord Verification Bot written in C# offering highly customizable binds using groups, ranks, names & roles. Our binds are of three types and I'll tell about them later on. The premium features that we offer are:

  • Auto Detection
  • Custombinds
  • Backups

We also do offer the niche feature of having the bot log every user action to a logs channel. Oh, how could I forget a very important one!! You can also blacklist people, even groups. That doesn't suit you, eh? No problem, write your own blacklist. There are tons of more features that I'm not gonna talk about here or this is gonna get too long. Let's just get to the main features.

First one we're gonna see is the Rankbinds.


This is the first type of binds that we offer. These are used to bind a Roblox Rank to one or more Discord Role(s). They also include two other crucial properties.

  • Prefix

    This allows you to set a Prefix to go before the user's Roblox Name. If you just want to have the Roblox Username as the Discord Nickname, you can put this as N/A. If you don't want RoWifi to even go towards the nickname, you can also put this as disable.
  • Priority

    Should you have rankbinds across multiple binds, this property tells the bot to select which Prefix to choose to go before the Nickname.


The second type of binds that exists. These are used to bind an entire Roblox group to one or more Discord Role(s). These are fairly straightforward. Just put the Roblox Group Id and ping the Discord Roles you need to bind. Can't be any more complicated.


Groupbinds & Rankbinds not cutting it? Need a bind for your Roblox family? Wanna give a role if they're in a certain group and not in another group? Fret not, custombinds exist. The last of the binds. Use the operators (and, or, not) and functions (HasRank, IsInGroup, WithString) and write your own binds. "Mate, why is this awesome feature premium only?" Well, the thing is I don't feel this is quite stable for full public use yet, also this takes a fair bit of extra computation.

Log Channels#

"Woah, woah, that's just way too heavy for me! But I did manage to make some of the stuff you mentioned. But how do I know what's the bot doing?". Meh, just create a channel called #rowifi-logs and the bot will do the rest for you.


Don't want a Roblox user/group in to join in your Discord server? Don't worry. The blacklist module will do the needy for you. There are again 3 types of blacklists, but I'm not gonna over them in this post.

I hope this gives a good overview over some of the features that RoWifi offers. Have a nice day and stay safe. Stay tuned for more blog posts!!